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We decided for Harkon "Konni" de l'Amitié Fidèle because he is -just like Kashyyyk- an extremely friendly and typey Briard. He is a cute, rustic male with an expressive head, dark eyes, perfect scissors bites and flowing movement.


With only 17 months Konni was selected in the Netherlands and just three months later he achieved also the french selection.

Are you interested in a puppy from this litter? You are welcome to contact us and we are also pleased to get to know you in person.



28 Feb 2016: Kashyyyk and Konni had their rendezvous and we highly hope for puppies on 02 May 2016. It will be the last litter for Kashyyyk, who is already mom of our G-, I- und J-litter.

24 Mar 2016: The ultrasonic testing is positive, we are looking forward to our L-litter. Kashyyyk is very fine and her baby bumb's getting bigger...

29 Apr 2016: Today our "spring puppies" were born - 3 males and 2 females. Kashyyyk and the Babys are well. More information and pictures will follow in the next days.

We are excited about the next weeks with the dwarfs. Starting with 24 April the little ones will move to the big, wide world.



Harkon de l'Amitié Fidèle
HD A (D), CSNB clear, EU negative
* 13 Jan 2014, breeding permission (BCD)

Selected in France 2015
Selected in the Netherlands 2015

Divya Kashyyyk aux pattes velues
HD A (D), CSNB clear, EU negative
* 25 Sep 2008, breeding permission (CfH)

Selected in France 2011
Angekört & Selected in Switzerland 2012
Elite A bitch France - pending

  International Show Champion (C.I.E.)
Luxembourg Youth Champion
German Youth Champion (VDH)
Luxembourg Champion
German Champion (VDH)
BCD Club Champion
Swiss Beauty Champion
Dutch Champion
Belgian Show Champion


# band colour sex birth weight name
01 red female 524 g Luani Lummerland
02 green-white male 555 g Lando Calrissian
03 blue male 540 g Loriot Laroux
04 purple female 560 g Lapdance Lullaby
05 red-white male 545 g Lethal Weapon "Cooper"