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We're planning the first litter of our baby In schā'a llāh Tauntaun in autumn 2015. Her fiancé is already chosen; a stud we know from an early age on - it's Easy Rider aux pattes velues. This combination makes two wishes come true: a breeder's one and a heart's desire. With the liason of Tauni and Easy we breed back to our Anas-Anas Bantha and therewith also to our "tribal mother" Wookiee. Both are high-quality bitches.

From this litter we expect healthy, typey and rustic dogs with a friendly, steady character. In terms of beauty and morphology we hope to gain mid-sized, excellent tawny dogs with distinctive masks and hooks and a Briard specific flowing movement. We're already thrilled about this litter....

Are you interested in a puppy from this litter? You are welcome to contact us and we are also pleased to get to know you in person.


Easy Rider aux pattes velues
HD A (D), CSNB clear, EU negative
* 18 Sep 2009, full breeding permission

Selected in the Netherlands 2014
Excellent RS (Cotation 3) in France 2015

In scha'a llah Tauntaun aux pattes velues
HD A (D), CSNB clear EU negative
* 21 Mar 2013, full breeding permission

Selected in France 2014
Angekört & Selected in Switzerland 2014

Selected in Belgium 2015

German Youth Champion (VDH)
Luxemburg Youth Champion
Dutch Youth Champion
Dutch Champion
German Champion (VDH)
Endurance Test
German Youth Champion (VDH)
Luxemburg Youth Champion
Swiss Beauty Champion


25 Sep 2015: Easy and Tauni had their Rendezvous - it was love at first sight! Tauni was mated on 23 and 24 september and we are already thrilled about the result of the ultrasonic testing in four weeks.
Easy & Tauni >>



19 Oct 2015: We went to the ultrasonic testing today - Tauni and Easy will become parents! We already could peer some of the puppies... smilie

We expect the puppies on 25 November 2015.


21 Nov 2015: They arrives! 4 males and 6 females didn't want to wait any longer and have landed safely today. It was a smooth birth and little Tauni is a very caring mommy.

We are awaiting 8 exciting weeks which will pass too quickly. From 16 Jan 16 on the K-babies will move into the big, wide world.



# colour sex birth weight name
01 green-white male 370 g Külwalda "Jethro"
02 purple male 455 g Kryptonit "Merlin"
03 yellow male 490 g Khan Kenobi
04 pink female 410 g Kli-Kla-Klawitter "Wookiee"
05 orange female 433 g Klimbim "Kira"
06 light blue female 450 g Kismet "Chelsea"
07 dark green female 400 g Kincsem "Motte"
08 shocking pink female 388 g Krieg der Sterne "Indy"
09 pastel green female 475 g Karat "Lotte"
10 white male 405 g King Kong "Karlsson"
11 stillborn female 510 g Kleiner Engel


Sonography for Ectopic Ureter (EU):
analysed: 9 x negative, 1 x not evaluable