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Fidel des Enfants des Pierailles
HD A (D), CSNB clear, EU negative
* 11 Mar 2010, full breeding permission

Selected in France 2012
Selected in Belgium 2013
Selected in Germany 2013
Selected in the Netherlands 2014

Divya Kashyyyk aux pattes velues
HD A (D), CSNB clear, EU negative
* 25 Sep 2008, full breeding permission

Selected in France 2011
Angekört & Selected in Switzerland 2012

International Show Champion (C.I.E.)
German Youth
Champion (VDH)
BCD Youth Champion
German Champion (VDH)
BCD Club Champion
French Champion

Luxembourg Champion

Best tawny male Nationale d'Élevage 2012 & 2013
UEBB Winner & BOB 2014
International Show Champion (C.I.E.)
Luxembourg Youth Champion
German Youth Champion (VDH)
Luxembourg Champion
German Champion (VDH)
BCD Club Champion
Swiss Beauty Champion
Dutch Champion
Belgian Show Champion


Our Kashyyyk got on heat earlier than expected - she likes to bring summer puppies up smilie. On 28/29 Apr 15 she and Fidel went about the "2nd edition" of our wonderful and successful I-litter. The ultrasonic testing was positiv and we're expecting the puppies on 30 June 2015.

27 Jun 2015: They arrived! 4 males and 5 females will keep mama Kashyyyk and us on the go in the next weeks. All are in good health and we look forward to the time together with the dwarfs.

We're in town!
In the "clean up box"
Mama takes a rest

25 Jul 2015: Half-time for our mini furs, the first four weeks are spun away. The little dwarfs are not longer nameless now. The males are called Jabba the Hutt, Jack the Ripper, Jedi Raffles August and Jimi Hendrix. For the females we decided on JamJam, Jeanne d'Arc, Je t'aime, Jethro Tull Tuuli and Jezebel.


# Collar Sex Birth weight Name
01 Grey Male 470 g Jedi Raffles August
02 Blue Male 535 g Jabba the Hutt "Picasso"
03 Purple Male 588 g Jimi Hendrix
04 White Male 504 g Jack the Ripper "Kurt"
05 stillborn Male 512 g Jim Knopf
06 Shocking Pink Female 438 g JamJam
07 Red Female 590 g Jeanne d'Arc
08 -none- Female 470 g Jethro Tull Tuuli
09 Light Grey Female 485 g Je t'aime
10 Pink Female 470 g Jezebel "Jezz"


Sonography for Ectopic Ureter (EU):
analysed: 9 x negative