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* 21 Mar 2013


Fidel des Enfants des Pierailles
HD A (D), CSNB clear, EU negative
* 11 Mar 2010, full breeding permission

Selected in France 2012
Selected in Belgium 2013
Selected in Germany 2013
Selected in the Netherlands 2014

Divya Kashyyyk aux pattes velues
HD A (D), CSNB clear, EU negative
* 25 Sep 2008, full breeding permission

Selected in France 2011
Angekört & Selected in Switzerland 2012

International Show Champion (C.I.E.)
German Youth
Champion (VDH)
BCD Youth Champion
German Champion (VDH)
BCD Club Champion
French Champion

Luxembourg Champion

Europasieger & BOB 2012
Best tawny male Nationale d'Élevage 2012 & 2013
UEBB Winner & BOB 2014
International Show Champion (C.I.E.)
Luxembourg Youth Champion
German Youth Champion (VDH)
Luxembourg Champion
German Champion (VDH)
BCD Club Champion
Swiss Beauty Champion
Dutch Champion
Belgian Show Champion


We have decided on a stud! Fidel des Enfants des Pierailles, a stud born in France, will be the papa of Kashyyyk's puppies. We know Fidel since day one and followed his development closely. As all studs we used up to now he is extremely friendly and suitable for every day use. His show results just speak for themselves and we consider the combination of Fidel's and Kashyyyk's ancestors as exceedingly promising and interesting.

In short: we get very excited about the upcoming litter and expect very promising and friendly puppies.


first time dating >>


Kashyyyk and Fidel had a wonderful date on 13-15 January . If everything goes well the little cuties will be born around March, 17th.

Are you interested in a puppy from this litter? You are welcome to contact us and we are also pleased to get to know you in person.

08 Feb 2013: Today we went to the ultrasonic testing with Kashyyyk. She and Fidel will become parents.

We already could "peer" some of the babies... smilie This makes us very, very happy!

19 Mar 2013: Kashyyyk and we are awaiting the I-litter...


21 Mar 2013: Our springtide puppies are born. Kashyyyk gave birth to 3 females and 3 males. We are very happy...

07 Apr 2013: The dwarfs are not longer nameless....

# Band colour Sex Birth weight Name
01 Yellow Female 585g Iron Maiden Pilvi
02 Orange Female 602g Ipso Facto Optimum
03 Red Male 645g Inferno "Kairos"
04 Green Male 652g Iago Yoda
05 Pink Female 579g In schā'a llāh Tauntaun
06 Light blue Male 625g Imperator Igor


Sonography for Ectopic Ureter (EU):
analysed: 6 x negative



Iago Yoda
CSNB clear, HD A/A, EU: negative
In scha'a llah Tauntaun
CSNB clear, HD A, EU: negative
Imperator Igor
CSNB clear, HD A, EU: negative
Inferno "Kairos"
CSNB clear, HD A, EU: negative