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* 08 Jun 2011


08 Jun 2011: The Magnificent Seven arrived! Today Bantha became mother of 4 males and 3 females. The small family is in a good health and we're looking forward to the next weeks.

# Band colour Sex Birth weight Name
01 Red Male 382g Fantomas Cairo
02 Coloured Female 295g Firouzeh Feeny
03 Yellow Female 410g Far Far Away Galaxy
04 Dark Green Male 415g Fliewatüüt "Naboo"
05 White Male 365g Ferrari
06 Light Blue Male 405g Frosch mit der Maske "Grisou"
07 Light Green Female 328g Fabergé Fey'lya


Bantha and Ozzy are the parents of our D-litter. We're highly pleased with the children as well as the owners. Therefore we decided to repeat this litter. We hope for the same friendly, even-tempered, healthy and beautiful dogs as we had before.

Bantha was covered on 03 April and we expect the puppies in the first week of June. The "dwarfs' move" happens 8 weeks later - thus beginning of August.

08 Jun 11: Bantha gave birth to 4 mles and 3 females. All are in a good health.


Usually The Best "Ozzy" Moravia Campanella
HD A (CZ), CSNB clear, EU negative

International Show Champion (C.I.E.)
Slovakian Champion
Polish Champion
Czech Champion
Norwegian Champion
Danish Champion
Spanish Champion

Selected in Belgium 2008
Selected in France 2011
Selected in Czech Republic 2012
Selected in Spain 2012
Élite A

Anaïs-Anaïs Bantha aux pattes velues
HD A (D), CSNB clear, EU negative

International Show Champion (C.I.E.)
German Youth Champion (VDH)
German Champion (VDH)
Luxembourg Champion
Selected in Belgium 2007
Selected in Germany 2008
Selected in France 2012
Companian Dog
Élite A




Fantomas Cairo
CSNB clear, HD A, EU: negative
CSNB clear, HD A, EU: negative