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* 18 Sep 2009


18 Sep 2009: This night Bantha enriched the world with five ravishingly beautiful and jolly puppies . We're very happy and look forward to the oncoming eight weeks.... The move of the "Magnificent Five" will be from the 13 Nov 2009 on.

# band colour sex birth weight name
01 white female 400g Embre Endor
02 red male 435g Erlkönig "Brutus"
03 dark blue male 410g Easy Rider
04 light blue female 425g Enterprise "Kimba"
05 orange female 335g Eau-de-vie Jylie



Bantha's fiancé is the beautiful french male Adelscott des Plaines de Brotonne, whose development and career we're tracking since a long time. He is medium-sized, has a distinctive head, an excellent morphology and a warm fawn. Adelscott offers a friendly, open-minded character to humans and conspecifics and is absolutely suitable to daily use.

17/18 July: in spite of the bad weather we spent two beautiful days in the Normandy. Bantha and Adelscott had their rendez-vous und were really a nice couple. It's the first litter in Germany for Adelscott who is already father of very lovely babies.

HD A/B (F), CSNB --
breeder & owner:
Valerie Denicou



Easy Rider
CSNB clear, HD A, EU: negative
Enterprise "Kimba"
CSNB clear, HD A, EU: negative