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About us

It all began very harmless - we just want to have a "family dog". After our decision to get a Briard we met Carola and Werner Griepenkerl (Briards vom Vossberg). They breed Briards since 1981.....

....and then Wookiee came into our life - and nothing was like before!!

Because of her self-will it ain't easy at all at the beginning. Not really unlikely for a Briard. But after her first heat, Wookiee became a friendly, joyfully and affectionate dog.

We decided to breed by ourselves because of the preconditions of Wookiee and our personal situation (enough space, time, love and enthusiasm for dogs). Also Carola and Werner Griepenkerl encouraged us to breed with Wookiee.

Since summer 2003 we have the (international protected) kennel "aux pattes velues" (to the furry paws). Wookiee's first mating was in January 2005. On March, 29th our A-litter was born and our "family" increases - Ana´s-Ana´s Bantha stays with us. From Bantha's first litter (25. Sep 2008) we kept Divya Kashyyyk. In the meantime little Kashyyyk became herself a proud mom and since march 2013 her daughter In schā'a llāh Tauntaun enriches our pack.

Our aims of breeding are Briards, which are:
- healthy (of course)
- friendly and with a balanced temperament (to be well-integrated into the family)
- standard adequate (according to the rules)

and will give as much pleasure to their owners as Wookiee, Bantha, Kashyyyk and Tauntaun to us!

An important part of our life is the sport with our dogs. On the one hand it intensifies the relationship between man and dog; on the other hand it is a very good way to engage the intelligent Briard. Between 2006 and 2008 Cordelia was the delegate for dog's sport/working dogs of the CfH.

You want to get to know us and our dogs? You want some information? You're welcome at any time.


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